Kristyn Emmer

What You Can Do Today to Impact Your Career Tomorrow

You’re deep in the semester and you think you have no time to give to considering your life after CSU. Papers are due and tests are looming and you have a student org commitment just about every day this week. We get it, which is why we are here to give you a few ideas of what you actually could do today – between classes, on your way to the gym, or sitting on the bus to Target – to give some thought and energy towards where you are headed next.

These are things that can help you understand who you are, who you follow, and how you can move in the direction of your first J-O-B after your time here at CSU.

Write down a list of the professionals you admire and respect.

Also write down exactly what you respect or notice about them. These are people you are being shaped and influenced by. They are the people that either directly or indirectly are giving you advice about where you are headed and how to get there. With this list, you are able to know a handful of people to connect with to talk about your future career (think networking) and this list also gives you a picture of what respectable professionals look like.

Start working on your resume.

And write down everything you’ve ever done, even if you don’t think it should go on a resume. One of the most difficult parts of crafting a resume is simply remembering all you’ve done and how you contributed. Write down every job, every student organization, every award, every travel experience. Write the leadership roles you held, the volunteering you’ve done, and the classes that really made you think. Don’t worry about the format yet. We can work on that later.

Say YES.

Now is the time to explore what makes you uniquely you. It’s your time to find out what you want to give more yeses to and what you want to say no to over and over again. Being a student at CSU means you have countless opportunities to explore topics and structures and places to get some clarity on what fires you up about the world around you. So go to talk in the LSC Ballroom, go to a student org meeting that intrigues you, or go talk to the hundreds of faculty and staff who might interest you.

Ask a few trusted people in your world about your strengths and areas of improvement.

These should be people you will actually listen to and people who know you well enough to give you the real answers you need. This exercise offers insight into the parts of you that you might not be fully in-tune with. Often the people who interact with us know more about how we show up socially or in a work environment than we do. Once you have your list, you can build more into your strengths and you can take steps to bolster your areas of improvement.

So take a step today to talk to someone, make a list, or say “yes” to something around campus. Just open simple set today can help you tenfold with your career tomorrow.

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About the Author

Kristyn Emmer is a Careers Adviser at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and is the Blog Content Strategist for the Colorado State University Career Center. She received her master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education in 2015 from Colorado State University and a B.S. in Organizational and Professional Communication Studies from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Kristyn has a passion for being student-focused and dedicated to supporting students by building and maintaining strong interpersonal relationships through compelling and meaningful conversations.