Recruitment & Hiring

Your step-by-step guide to recruiting and hiring student employees at CSU

Step 1

Determine work study funding need & pay rate

There are two types of employment for students: Work-Study & Student Hourly.

  • Work Study: financial aid awarded via the FAFSA or the Request Work-Study Application; types include “need-based” and “no-need” work-study. Part of a student’s wages earned through a work-study position are supplemented by state, federal or institutional funds.
  • Student Hourly: campus hourly positions are available throughout campus and do not require a work-study award.

Will your department need work study funding for this student position? 
 Find detailed work study information on OFA’s website.

View the Office of Financial Aid’s Student Job Categories & Pay Rate Chart to determine the hourly pay rate of the student position.

Questions About Work Study Awards — Email
Questions About  Pay Rates — Email

The CAREER CENTER can help you with job descriptions, posting jobs on Handshake, interviewing, and job offers

Write a job description

Creating a meaningful student employee experience begins with an intentional job description.  Browse the following resources to craft a job description.

Questions About Job Descriptions — Email 

Step 2
Step 3

Post job on Handshake, then market job opening

Handshake is CSU’s online recruiting platform where campus employers can connect with students through online job and internship postings, application management, career events and trainings.  Post the job for a minimum of 3 days, preferably 1-2 weeks. 

Questions About Handshake — Email 
Questions About Recruitment Events & Resources — Email 

Review applications, then host interviews

Guided by equity, use these resources to host interviews.

Questions About Interviews– Email 

Step 4
Step 5

Make a conditional job offer

Job offers are contingent on a successful background check.  Use the following template to make a conditional offer to a candidate.

  • COMING SOON!  Conditional Job Offer Letter Template

Questions About Job Offers — Email 

HUMAN RESOURCES can help you with background checks and new hire paperwork

Review applications, then host interviews

The background check process for students are conducted through Oracle. To initiate a background check:

  1. Complete the HR System Access Request Form for background checks. This will allow access to the background check system within Oracle.
  2. Complete the online background check training: Review the How to Order a Background Check in Oracle training document or  reference A Guide to Background Checks at Colorado State University
  3. Once the background check has been submitted, the candidate will receive an email notification. The candidate’s response is required for the background check to begin.

Questions About Background Checks  — Email

Step 6
Step 7

Student completes Equifax, RAMp Up new hire forms (I-9, Section 1)

Reference the RAMp Up Guide for more information.  Once the student passes their background check, they will automatically be enrolled in Equifax to complete their RAMp Up new hire forms (I-9, Section 1 & SSA-1945) .  These forms must be completed no later than the first day of employment.

Questions About New Hire Paperwork  — Email

Arrange time to meet in-person with student & complete Equifax, I-9 Section 2 new hire forms

After the student completes their RAMp Up new hire forms, your department must complete I-9, Section 2 of the new hire forms through Equifax.  Arrange a time to meet with the student to view and verify their original identification and work authorization documents.  Departments are not required to make copies of the supporting documents.

Questions About New Hire Paperwork  — Email

Step 8

The OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID can help you with Oracle approvals HUMAN RESOURCES can help you with Oracle technology and Timclock Plus & payment/payroll

Step 9

Enter student as new Oracle assignment

Using the Oracle Hiring a New Employee Guide, enter the newly hired student into Oracle.  You will need to reference the Office of Financial Aid’s Student Job Categories & Pay Rate Chart to complete this step.

Questions About Oracle Approvals — Email
Questions About Oracle Technology — Email

After Oracle assignment is approved, student gets access to TimeClock Plus

24 hours after the new hire is approved through Oracle by the Office of Financial Aid, they will have access to TimeClock Plus.

Questions About TimeClock Plus — Email
Questions About Payment/Payroll — Email

Step 10

THE OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENT & SCHOLAR SERVICES can help you with hiring international students

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Additional resources for hiring international students

International students may be employed on-campus from the start of their academic program. Hiring international students can have a great benefit to university offices and provides these students with opportunity to get experience in the U.S. work environment.

Questions About Hiring International Students — Email or call 970-491-5917

After your student is hired, browse our development tools & resources to elevate their student employee experience

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Student employee development trainings for career staff that supervise students


Resources for supervisors to elevate the student employee experience