SED Toolkit

Resources for career staff to elevate the student employee experience

Onboarding new employees is a multifaceted process. Onboarding is not only a time to train someone on the day-to-day of their role but is the first opportunity to share the values and culture of your organization with new staff.


Staff Development is an opportunity to focus on training student employees in your staff area.  This includes providing feedback, implementing intentional and structured training processes, and empowering student employees to think critically on the job.


Through the lens of CSU’s Career Competencies, Career Development is an opportunity to empower student employees to discover the transferable career skills behind their campus employment.

Interested in learning more about how to integrate Career Competencies tools into your student staff area?  Register for a “Speaking the Language of Career Competencies” ELEVATE 301 training.  The training teaches supervisors to navigate the Career Center’s Student Employee Development Toolkit which provides career competency-based tools for student employees. These tools can be tailored to the needs of your staff area. 


Plan out how to implement the following Career Development Tools using our Career Development Action Plan


Access information and opportunities for career exploration. Understand and articulate the importance of transferable skills in the job search process.


Join with individuals and teams from diverse backgrounds to pursue a common goal.  Often requires negotiating and managing conflict.


Identify important problems and questions.  Gather, analyze, and evaluate information from diverse sources before forming a strategy, decision, or opinion.


Use technology to communicate, problem-solve, and complete tasks in a responsible manner.


Demonstrate an understanding of diverse people, cultures, and systems.  Understand actions have local and global implications for the future.


Join with individuals and teams from diverse backgrounds to pursue a common goal.  Often requires negotiating and managing conflict.


Situational judgement and informed risk taking.  Resiliency to challenges.  Motivate and encourage participation to work towards a shared purpose and vision.


Demonstrate integrity, honesty, dependability, responsibility.  Accepts guidance and develops effective work habits.


Evaluate, understand, and communicate personal skills and abilities.  Learns from past mistakes through feedback to become more flexible and gain new insights and understandings.


Respond to needs of diverse audiences through flexible writing and speaking methods.   Develop ideas through written and oral forms of expression.



Student employee development lives on a two-way street.  Supervisor Development is an opportunity to challenge supervisors to self-reflect on their professional growth and leadership style.

The ELEVATE Supervisor Certificate offers student employee development trainings for career staff that supervise students.

Talent Development | Colorado State University


CSU Talent Development offers resources for supervisors and staff.

A meaningful student employee experience celebrates when students leave to pursue further career development opportunities.  Offboarding  is an opportunity to “tie a bow” on a student’s campus employment.


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