Job/Internship Searching Tips

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Job/Internship Searching

Searching for a job or an internship can seem overwhelming.  The Career Center is here to help you by assisting you with your preparation, search tips and more.  We can help you develop a plan that might just get you your dream job one day.  


Internships offer you the opportunity to use the skills you are gaining in the classroom while gaining professional experience employers desire.  Internships provide you with the opportunity to build your resume while also testing out positions to see what you like and don't like.  Students who complete an internship while at CSU are more likely to have their future plans secured at graduation.  The Career Center is here to help you with your internship search process. 

Job Shadowing

Ever wonder what it would be like to work in a specific type of position or for a particular company?  Job shadowing offers you the opportunity to shadow a professional for a period of time.  This type of experience can offer you insight into the culture of an organization, the requirements it takes to work in a position you are interested in, all the while building your professional network.  

Job Search Tips

Searching for a professional job can be very different from the seasonal or part-time jobs you have obtained without your degree at the bachelor's or master's level. You may be looking to move to a new part of the country or you may want to stay in your local city, which changes search strategy.  The Career Center offers personalized help to job seekers in an effort to help you define a job search strategy that will help you land a job!


Networking is a way of building and maintaining genuine relations with family, peers and colleagues. Anyone you know can be considered a part of your network, including peers from social and professional networking websites. When people within your network know you are job searching, you have a far greater chance of hearing about new job openings and securing employment. Building your network can happen through many means and settings -- socially, electronically, through career fairs and employer networking events.

Social Media

The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that 80.5% of employers use social media in their recruiting practices (2015). No doubt using social media as a job search tool can be valuable in helping you connect with existing and potential colleagues and employers. However, if not handled appropriately, these outlets can cause you more harm than good. Think of social media as your public image on the internet to prospective employers.  Using social media to job search requires you to develop different strategies than using social media for personal use.  

Salary Negotiation

Congratulations, if you are ready to negotiate a salary it means you have landed a job offer!  Negotiation is only appropriate after you have received a formal job offer.  The negotiation process includes not only the monetary aspects of the offer, but also the start date, benefits (insurance, 401K, stock, etc), vacation/holidays, relocation package (if provided), training, and any other details. Take time to review your offer and feel free to visit The Career Center Drop-In hours for additional information and support.