Working On Campus

Working On Campus

Getting Experience 

Working part-time while you’re in school can provide more than just a paycheck. It can provide valuable workplace skills such as how to work with a boss and coworkers, build character and responsibility, and follow through on your obligations. For those reasons and more, employers love to see work experience on your resume. Working on-campus is convenient and can help connect you more to the campus. Working off-campus might pay a little more. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Preparing Your Application Materials

On-campus, part-time positions can often have competitive applicant pools, so it's important to take your application materials seriously.  The Career Center offers resume critiques for both full and part-time positions.  


On-campus positions are posted on Ram Web.  However, you can also find career-related part-time and off-campus positions on Handshake.  If there is a particular department or office that interest you take your freshly critiqued resume by and explore current or future opportunities.  

Get Involved

Employers love to see campus and community engagement on your resume. They know the value of learning leadership skills and they like to hire people who give back to their community. Fortunately, CSU is a great place for you to develop these skills. With over 620 student organizations, plenty of leadership and volunteer opportunities, and an office on campus (SLiCE) devoted to helping you get engaged, you couldn’t be in a better place. And The Career Center can help you translate these experiences to your resume, and talk about them with employers in a meaningful way.