Ace Your Interview

Congrats - you landed an interview!  Interviewing can be nerve wrecking but it doesn't have to be if you prepare and practice your skills prior to shaking your interviewer's hand. 

Mock Interviews

You don't make it to the major leagues by a stoke of luck and you won't ace your interview by crossing your fingers.  Effective interviewing is a skill, one that requires planning and practice.  Mock interviewing offers you a way to do a dry-run prior to the real interview with an interview specialist who will help you hit a home run in the real thing. 

Job & Internship Interviews

Why travel far and wide to interview for employers when over 100 employers interview CSU students here on campus each year?  What other time in your life will you have employers knocking on your door coming to you, seeking to interview you? Students who participate in job and internship interviews on campus have a competitive edge for great jobs and internships over those who don’t. Take advantage of these great opportunities today and don’t miss out on exploring all the possibilities!

Interview Attire Fund

The Career Center Director, Jeremy Podany, his wife Wendy and their extended family established the Podany Interview Attire Fund to assist students without financial means with expenses related to the purchase of professional attire for job interviews.