Bradley R.

Associate Software Engineer, CA Technologies

What advice do you have for students about preparing for a job search? 

Learn from every bad interview. Listen to what interviewers have to tell you. Constantly work to improve yourself and your resume. Practice, whether with friends, family, or the career center. Be prepared to have some terrible first interviews. Be grateful for every call back and interview. Career fairs are your friend but getting a rapport with a recruiter is even better.

What has led you to your success? 

The only path to failure is to not try. I never lost sight of my goals, so even when the road I was on seemed too treacherous I still found my way through.

What have your learned over the past few years that has helped you succeed in your career? 

Always be open to learning new things. College is but a groundwork, there is still much to learn and do. Keep challenging yourself, and if you do not know what is being asked of you or how to perform in the way that is necessary, just ask.