Hailey M.

6th Grade Reading/Language Arts Teach & Teach For America Corps Member, Teach For America

What advice do you have for students about preparing for a job search? 

Preparing for a job search begins before attending a career fair, because career fairs are only as successful as you make them. When you bring yourself to a career fair you are presenting all of your achievements and qualifications to potential employers, as much as you are looking for them, they are looking for you, so you better make yourself worth seeing!

What has led you to your success? 

I think that I have been successful because I have been working hard and preparing for this success since the fall of my junior year. I was actively seeking volunteer opportunities early, so that I could advance to higher positions before graduation. Also, working various jobs (campus coffee shop, campus corps mentor and interning at the state capitol through the Political Science Department) were extremely helpful in allowing me to show my interest and talents in multiple fields - they were also incredibly fun and I learned skills in those positions that I still use every day.

What have you learned over the past few years that has helped you succeed in your career? 

While attending classes at Colorado State University I learned just as much outside of class as I did in the classroom, if not more. I did this through joining organizations that matched my passions, finding people that challenged me to be better, and always reaching higher to a point that terrified me. Every time I applied for a job, and still when I apply for internships, I go into it thinking that they'll never pick me, and every time I start on the first day I'm terrified of what is coming. But I love it. I use that fear and I look for those opportunities to be somewhere that I don't have any idea what is going on, and I learn constantly.