Jeff S.

Social Media Coordinator, Kirvin Doak

When did you start looking for a job?

I went to my target working location over spring break of my senior year.

What have you learned over the past few years that has helped you succeed in your career?

Finding a job is as easy as making a connection with somebody- it's not. If you're genuine and put enough effort into it and stand out - whether its through sending a handwritten thank you card after an interview, or being prompt and professional with responses - you will be successful. Communication is the key, and while sending a simple follow up after meeting someone might seem easy, there are thousands of people who don't take the time to do that. It's a lot easier to stand out than you think!

What has led you to your success?

My network in my target working location had everything to do with my success finding a job. Meeting the right people and going the extra mile to keep communication constant with people I knew could help me become successful.