Kaitlin H.

Human Resources Specialist, Ciber, Inc.

When did you start looking for a job? 

I started looking for a job in 3-4 months before graduation. Even though it was early, I got good practice with my application, networking, and cover letter skills even if the employers were looking for someone that could start a little sooner than my graduation date.

What advice do you have for students about preparing for a job search? 

My advice is to narrow down what is truly important to you in a future job; whether that be opportunity for growth and learning, company culture, or location. Understanding what you value in a future job, will make navigating your job search a lot easier. Knowing those important factors will allow you to focus on the companies and job postings that have the potential to make you a passionate and excited employee and not the postings that will allow you to just bring in a paycheck. You've earned a college degree, why not enjoy it!