Nicolette R.

Recruiter, Starz Entertainment

What advice do you have for students about preparing for a job search?

I believe that preparing for a career shouldn't start when you are a senior or even a junior but should be at the forefront of all of your decisions throughout college. Get involved on campus early on and try to hold as many internships as you can. The experience not only builds your resume but allows you to meet the experience qualifications that employers are looking for. I've heard so many of my friends say “how am I supposed to get 2-3 years’ experience if no one will hire me for entry level positions?” Having an internship gives you that experience and really opens the playing field when it comes to jobs you truly qualify for. I would also recommend that you don’t procrastinate and make sure you fine tune your resume and cover letter. I can’t tell you how many resumes I've looked at during my time in recruiting where they've been riddled with spelling or grammatical errors. If you have ‘attention to detail’ listed but your resume shows the opposite I’m less likely to believe the rest of your resume.

When did you start looking for a job?

I started looking at potential employers and locations of which I would like to work during the summer before my senior year. I got a little spooked and started applying for jobs in the first semester of my senior year which wasn't as effective as I had imagined. A lot of the employers that called me hadn't noticed that my graduation was in several months when in fact they were looking for someone immediately. I really buckled down in the last 2 or 3 months of my time at CSU.

What has led you to your success?

I have learned that it is really important to gain as much experience as you can through internships and student organizations. I had previously interned for the company that I am currently working for and the internship really allowed them to see what kind of employee I was and in essence got my foot in the door.

What have you learned over the past few years that has helped you succeed in your career?

Now that I am in recruiting I really see the importance of knowing people. Stay connected with previous employers and network as much as you can. You never know when those connections will play a vital role in your future.