Employer Virtual Career Services & COVID Response

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Can I still recruit at Colorado State University this semester?

Yes!  Students are excited to connect with employers and are still looking for opportunities!

There are 4 ways you can expose your positions and connect with CSU Rams:

  1. We have an all-new VIRTUAL CAREER WEEK  happening April 21-23 & 28-30
  2. Post positions on Handshake (under Post a Job) and if you haven’t already, make to complete your profile in order to attract more students!
  3. Schedule a virtual event and connect with our team to help get it posted in Handshake
  4. Host virtual/phone interviews with students – You may schedule these on your own or through Handshake (under Request an Interview)

Can we begin to prepare for Fall 2020 recruitment events?

Yes!  All registrations and requests for recruitment events are managed in Handshake.

  • Fall All-Campus Career Fair: Save the date for September 22 and 23, 2020 – registration opening later this Spring!
  • College of Business Expo (open only to business majors): September 23, 2020 following the All-Campus Career Fair
  • Construction Management Fair: September 29, 2020
  • College of Engineering Fair: October 1, 2020
  • Tech Connect – FALL TBD
  • Recruiting Partners Program FY2020-2021 – Looking to engage with CSU students through multiple avenues? Wanting to build a strong presence with CSU Rams? Our Recruiting Partners receive maximum exposure on campus and are key supporters of our students. Contact us for more info!
  • On-Campus Interviews:  You can request a date now for the fall semester on Handshake.

My company is hosting CSU interns this semester: do my interns get to continue to work?

YES! Interns are expected to continue their work with you, as well as complete their academic work related to their credit bearing internship courses.  Work with your intern to shift the experience to a remote or alternative format as needed.

Should your organization deem a closure necessary or believe that remote work would not be an option, please communicate with your intern and if needed, their academic internship supervisor (if they are doing the internship for credit)!  Faculty/staff will want to collaborate with you to ensure that the intern can complete their work-integrated learning experience and fulfill academic requirements.

When planning a move to alternate/remote work, consider these with respect to your interns:

  • Will the student be able to fulfill their responsibilities from a remote location?
    • If not, what alternatives or project work might you assign instead?
  • What technologies would be required to maintain regular communication with a remote intern?
    • Telephone? Email? Video?
    • Does your intern have access to these technologies?
  • What system do you have, or can you create, to keep track of student hours and projects?
  • What communication schedule can you develop to ensure that you and your intern have access to each other in lieu of face-to-face meetings?

Additional Guidelines for Remote Internships:

  • Internship sites and students agree on detailed project descriptions covering all expectations and outline tasks and anticipated completion deadlines.
  • The internship site should consider using a virtual project management tool for communication and shared progress reports.
  • Site sponsors may also wish to create a system to track hours worked (i.e. Google drive).
  • Regular virtual communication should be planned for reporting, progress, and feedback.

We stand ready to support you through this unprecedented situation. Feel free to reach out anytime.