Just In Time Interviews – For All Majors

What’s different? 

  • Everything is virtual! All video sessions take place in Handshake 
  • Registration and sign up in advance is required 
  • Employers are meeting for positions they have available (full-time, part-time, internship, on-campus, or summer positions) 
  • This event is completely 1:1Sessions: 10 minutes each | one student and one employer representative can attend  
  • You create your own schedule 

What’s the same? 

  • Employers still want to meet and hire YOU! 
  • Individual opportunities (1:1 sessions) for a conversation with target employers 
  • Opportunities to learn more about companies and explore options  
  • Preparation is key! 

Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of your virtual fair experience. 

Before Just In Time Interviews

1. Register for the CSU Just in Time Interviews in Handshake 

You must be registered for the eventin order to sign up for sessions with employers. 

2. Research employers you’d like to meet  

Review which employers are attending the event (and follow employers you want to check back in with). 

3. Sign-up for 1:1 Sessions in advance (mark your calendar!) 

4. Update your Handshake profile – employers will see it! 

A completed profile helps you stand out to employers. Here are the steps you can take to complete your profile. 

5. Upload a resume to your profile  

  • Employers will have access to your resume once you upload it to Handshake (under public setting), but if you’d like to be able to easily share your resume during a 1-on1 session, consider saving it as a google doc PDF, so you can drop it in the chat. 

6. Get a Preview 

Check-out Handshake’s “Get the Most out of Your Virtual Career Fair: Student Training Webinar” for a preview of what to expect and loads of great tips. 

7. Prepare a few talking points  

  • Talking points might include an overview of your background, studies, and career interests or goals. 
  • Create questions for the employers you’ll be meeting- here are 10 employers want to hear. 

Day of Just In Time Interviews

1. Choose a quiet, distraction-free place to set up, make sure you have a stable internet connection, and video and audio working. 

2. Dress your personal best! Confident attire leads to confident interactions. 

3. Log into Handshake 5-10 minutes early and arrive to your sessions on time (or 5 minutes early). 

4. If you are having issues, join the Student Support Hours on Zoom. 

5. For 1:1 sessions: These are great for an individual connection. Come prepared to talk about your interests, skills/goals, and ask questions. Remember, sessions are only 10 minutes! 

6. While in sessions with employers, ask if and how they’d like to be followed up with or contacted in the future. Time will move quickly during the fair, so following up with employers will be important!

7. Give yourself grace, we know there can be dogs barking, roommates in the background, and other noises. You are going to do a great job! 

After Just In Time Interviews

1. Apply to relevant jobs and internships. 

2. If you’d like to follow-up with employers, some options to consider are: 

  • Send a ‘thank you’ email (ideally within 24 hours). You may want to reiterate your interest in their company and mention details of your conversation with them. 
  • Use LinkedIn to identify recruiters you spoke with and send them a personalized invitation to connect. 

3. If you’re applying to positions, begin brushing up on interview skills by practicing on Big Interview