How to Post a Job as a Campus Employer

While Handshake has a great tutorial for how to post a job, there are some nuances that campus employers will need to follow.

  1. A Handshake Job Posting Guide has been created to make posting campus jobs easier for employers.
  2. Additionally, at CSU, we have identified 10 career competencies for our students. Career competencies are talking points around important skills that employers look for when hiring students. While the language may vary somewhat depending on employers and industries, as student supervisors we hope you will help your student staff identify the career competencies that will be developed in their jobs. All jobs develop some of these essential skills, but student employees may not recognize this. To help in the process, all job postings will now not only lists the job responsibilities, but also the competency developed while doing that task.

For additional information on reposting, editing, or duplicating job postings, please visit: