Meet Your Career Team: Career Education

Staff - Katie Lloyd

Katie Lloyd

Director of Career Education


Katie serves as the Senior Associate Director of Career Counseling Services, leading her team in providing high-quality career education to all CSU undergraduate and graduate students. Prior to coming to CSU, Katie worked in career services for nearly a decade at both Indiana State University and Indiana University Bloomington. Her career services experience includes coordinating internships, managing employer relationships, teaching career courses, and one-on-one career counseling. She also spent her own time as a college student working in student employment, helping students find on- and off-campus jobs. She has co-authored two career development textbooks – Ready or Not: Beginning Your Career Journey, and Ready or Not: The Art and Science of the Job Search – and is passionate about enhancing career education for Colorado State Rams. When she’s not working on behalf of CSU students, Katie enjoys traveling, history and politics, and exploring all that Colorado has to offer!


Angela Hayes

Associate Director of Alumni & Online Career Engagement


Angela serves as the Associate Director of Alumni and Online Career Engagement. Prior to coming to CSU, she worked as the Assistant Director of Alumni and Graduate Student Career Services at Kansas State University. She has a B.S. in Psychology, an M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Professional Coaching and Human Development. She’s a nationally Board Certified Coach and a nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach.
She has a passion for helping others to see their lives as full of possibilities and un-tapped potential. She views changes/transitions (both planned and unplanned) as opportunities for individuals to discover and plan out what they really want from their careers and lives. 

Staff - Angela Hayes

Judy Brobst

Career Education Manager, Career Center and College of Natural Sciences


Judy has worked in Career Services for over 15 years in life sciences and technology areas. She received her undergraduate degree from The University of Maryland and her Master’s in Student Personnel Administration from The University of South Carolina. Judy is passionate about experiential learning opportunities for students to help them explore their career opportunities and build their professional brand.

Kara Johnson

Kara Johnson

Career Education Manager, Career Center and                                                 College of Health & Human Sciences


Kara has worked in higher education for ten years and has been with the Career Center since 2010. Her undergraduate degree is in Art History and her Master’s is in Education and Human Resource Studies with an emphasis in Career Counseling. Kara’s passion is working with students to help them discover themselves and explore possibilities. Her work at the Career Center involves helping students explore major and career options, resume/cover letter writing, job search assistance, as well as many other areas.

Staff - Jon Linn

Jon Linn

Exploratory Career Education Manager


Jon is the Career Center’s Career Development Counselor, dedicated to guiding students in choosing a major, finding an internship, and landing a job. He believes in building upon strengths to achieve goals, and he partners with the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA) to work with those seeking their best fit at CSU. He earned a master’s degree in Counseling and Career Development at CSU and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. He also holds a bachelor’s in Journalism and has over 10 years’ experience working in media as a graphic artist, writer, and editor.

Staff - Teresa Miller

Teresa Miller

Guest Experience Manager


She manages the Career Center’s guest experience and partners with the career educators to ensure that all student, alumni, employer and family members are able to use the Career Center’s services with ease. Teresa has a passion for working with guests and looks forward to welcoming you upon your next interaction with the Career Center. 

Staff - Jason Radman

Jason Radman

Career Education Manager, Career Center
Career Counselor, College of Business

Career Management Center, 210 Rockwell West

Jason is a Liaison to the College of Business, International Students, and Business Minors. He enjoys helping students realize and pursue their interest and passion areas, and utilizes a strengths-based approach to career development. Jason holds a M.Ed. with a specialization in Counseling and Career Development from CSU, coupled with a M.B.A., and background in business. He is passionate about working with diverse populations, and assisting students to leverage their unique experiences and perspectives as they approach career exploration.

Katie Russo

Katie Russo

Career Education Manager, Career Center and College of Liberal Arts

(970) 492-4894

Katie is excited to join the Career Center team and serve CSU students in supporting their development as people, professionals, and leaders. Born and raised in California, Katie received her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University, and most recently earned her Master’s in Higher Education Leadership from the University of San Diego. While at the University of San Diego, Katie worked in Career Services, where she advised students on resumes and cover letters, the job and internship search, and ran the student Career Ambassador program. Katie is enthusiastic about mentoring students through the career development process in order to assist them in finding opportunities and jobs that allow them to live out their passions.

Staff - Chase Weldon

Chase Weldon

Career Education Manager, Career Center and
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences


Chase has been involved in counseling through various capacities for 12 years. He decided to become formally educated in helping individuals achieve their personal goals and also completed a Master’s program here at Colorado State University. Chase also earned his undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology at CSU which matches well with helping students from diverse backgrounds. Chase’s focus at the Career Center is to bridge already existing interests and aptitudes of students with career goals in way that prepares them for change and success in the evolving technological working world.

Leanna Biddle

Leanna Biddle

Career Educator, Career Center and College of Liberal Arts

(970) 491-5707

Leanna currently serves as a Career Educator for the Career Center and College of Liberal Arts. Born and raised in Northern California, Leanna received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University and, in May 2016, received her Master of Arts in Postsecondary Educational Leadership in Student Affairs at San Diego State University.

As a graduate student, Leanna worked in the Career Services Center at UC San Diego, where she advised students in career exploration, presented various workshops, and developed the Triton Career Mentorship Program. Leanna is excited to be back at CSU, having served as the NODA First-Year Orientation and Outdoor Orientation Intern in Summer 2015. She hopes to remain a resource throughout the career development process, and help students realize their potential through goal-setting, reflection, and strengths-based learning.

Lauryn Case

Lauryn Case

Career Educator, Career Center and College of Agricultural Sciences

(970) 491-5707

Lauryn currently serves as the Career Educator for the Career Center and College of Agricultural. Being a Colorado native Lauryn finished her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Colorado State University and is now working towards a Masters in Counseling and Career Development. During her time at CSU Lauryn was an Orientation Leader and worked as an undergraduate research assistant in a counseling lab researching meaningful work. Lauryn is passionate about helping students find their purpose and a meaningful career. She hopes to be a resource for students and make the job search process a positive experience.

Staff - Wendy Rose

Wendy Rose

Career Education Resources Manager

Wendy works to improve the Career Center’s resources for in person and online students by managing educational content for tools such as Ram Career Ready, Ram Career Tools, and print. Wendy has over 14 years of experience working in Career Services as a Career Education Manager and Law Career Services Manager. She obtained her M.Ed. in Counselor Education from the University of Wyoming.

Career Specialists

Kerry Bonds

Kerry Bonds

Tracy Close

Tracy Close

Elise Eppard

Elise Eppard

Erica Maestas

Erica Maestas

Liz Menter

Liz Menter