On Campus Interviews How-To Guide

Handshake, our web-based interview scheduling system, allows you to manage your schedule online – from requesting an interview date and schedule, to posting your job or internship opportunity, to candidate selection and sign up, to the final schedule(s). There is also the option to create your own schedule(s) and use our interview rooms (a room-only schedule).

Additionally, by hosting your interviews on-campus, our team works to market your position and interview schedules to ALL students that qualify for your positions. We do this through customized emails, social media updates, e-newsletters, and more! Video interview services for CSU students are also available.

To request an interview schedule today: 

Step 1: Log in on Handshake

Step 2: Select Interviews on the left side navigation bar

Step 3: Select Request Interview Schedule in the upper right corner of the page

Step 4: Fill out all required fields  

Step 5: Once you are finished click on Request Interview Schedule

Step 6: Our staff will be prompted to review the request and schedule the interviews 

For questions about On Campus Interviews contact us .