Quick Tips

Applying to Graduate School

Are you considering Graduate School after you finish at CSU? What is the timeline for applying? Does the Career Center offer any helpful tips to make the application process smoother?

Spring Semester Junior Year
• Identify the programs you wish to apply to and start a spreadsheet to keep track of the Key application dates and deadlines for each program
• We recommend at least 6-10 graduate programs for applications
• Some professional schools utilize a “general application” such as Medical School and Veterinary School.
• Check on which exams you need to take and find out when they are offered

Fall of Senior Year
• You should begin your application the Fall before you plan to graduate. So if you are graduating in Spring 2015, begin the process in the Fall 2014
• Most graduate programs only start in the fall some will start in the summer to make sure you know when they start
• Start your on-line application
• Contact your letter of recommendation writers and ask them if they will write. Give them a copy of the schools you are applying to, a copy of your resume and personal statement that you are submitting to the program as well. Make sure they know the deadlines for the letters.
• Write your personal statement and have it reviewed by multiple people. You will also use this if you have an on line application with questions.
• Request transcripts – unofficial for now.

December –January of Senior Year
• Check your application status. Contact the department if you would like to make a visit and meet with an academic advisor.

February – June of Senior Year
• Review your application status, be prepared to schedule interview visits.
o Work with your faculty in your undergraduate major if you are still enrolled and let them know you will be missing classes if you go for interview visits
o Purchase interview clothing and make sure it fits
• Accept or Reject your Acceptance. You can also ask about deferring your admission. Check on orientation dates for fall
• Submit for financial aid, scholarships and fellowships. Each school may have a different deadline so check and note so you don’t miss anything!