Quick Tips

Resume Tricks

Career Fairs can be daunting events for job seekers. However, being prepared can ease a lot of the nerves that are associated with the event. One way that students can be prepared is by feeling confident in their resume. Here are some key tips to help make your resume stand out.

1. Don’t use a template. The majority of students use a template so if you use one you simply won’t stand out.
2. Identify tangible deliverables that you can include in your resume. Example: Served as a TA to a class of 300 students
3. Make it relevant - focus on what you have done in your past and how you have done it. Use action verbs to describe what you have done.
4. Have updated contact information
5. Proofread - nothing makes you stand out more and not in a good way than a bunch of typos and grammatical errors.
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