Quick Tips

Following Up

Career Fairs and networking events offer chances to connect with potential employers.  However, they can also be busy events where both recruiters and job seekers meet multiple people in a short period of time.  So how do you stand out? By ensuring that you follow-up!
1. Contact Information-At the Career Fair or any networking event get contact information from all of the organizational representatives that you speak to, after you have spoken to them make a note of something specific that stands out to you about your conversation.
2. Get Organized. Prioritize all of the contact information that you obtained from the fair and be prepared to reach out to them. Create a word or excel document that contains all contact information in addition to notes about the company
3. Follow up with the company representatives, ideally this should be within a day or two after the fair. Send an email, thank you letter or make a phone call. You will want to mention something specific either from your interactions at the fair or something you have obtained from their website. Also look at current positions they may have advertised and tie your skill sets to match open positions.
4. Maintain your LinkedIn Profile. Employers may be trying to learn more about you so you will want to ensure that your online presence is strong
5. Continue to foster the relationship-based on the companies’ response to your initial follow up. This could be to schedule an informational interview, tell them you have updated your resume or to ask if you can answer any additional questions for them
6. Update your resume-if you take on a new volunteer opportunity, job or leadership position; update your resume because you never know when you may be contacted
7. Practice, Practice, Practice-continue practicing your interview skills and schedule a mock interview with the University Career Center 491-5707 because you wanted to be prepared when you get invited to an interview
8. Reflect-reflect on the experience
a. What went well
b. What would you change
c. What do I need to add or omit to my elevator speech, resume, etc.