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Dress for Success

How to Dress for Success

Yes, you are being judged.
In the world of job interviews, a neat, professional appearance goes a long way in making a positive first impression, and like it or not, your physical appearance has a bearing on your success, even if that’s not a requirement in the job description. Here are a few things to think about:
• The interviewer will decide within the first 10 seconds of meeting you whether you are right for the job.
• Nonverbal cues (such as what your wear) have four times more impact than verbal cues (such as what you say) on the impression you make.

What to Wear
Keep in mind that what is appropriate dress for some industries may not work in others. An interview with a conservative business firm likely requires different clothing choices than one with a software developer or ad agency. Here are two places to look first for clothing recommendations:
Visit the Career Center’s Pinterest profile for some great infographics on proper interview attire. 
And try these quick interview dress code guides. 

Where to Get It
Now that you know what not to wear, you need to obtain it. You may already own the right stuff, or you can borrow certain items. For students without the financial means to purchase clothing, help is available. Jeremy Podany, director of The Career Center at CSU, and his family established the Podany Interview Attire Fund, which provides up to $250 per student for approximately four students per semester. It’s open to all students, and special consideration is given to those who identify as first-generation, under-represented ethnic and racial minorities, and military veterans. 

The Northern Colorado community offers numerous options for affordable clothing