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Conflict Coaching:

What it is: Conflict coaching is a powerful and confidential one-on-one conversation to help individuals gain increased confidence and competence in navigating challenging interpersonal dynamics. Once relevant goals for improvement are established, the coaching focuses on helping participants develop new insights, skills, and strategies for effectively managing future disputes.

Taking the CDP:

What it is: The Conflict Dynamics Profile offered by Conflict Resolution Services is a free, self-assessment tool available to students in a one-on-one setting. The CDP measures constructive and destructive behaviors in conflict allowing for self-reflection and a framework for self-improvement.

Conflict coaching, utilizing the CDP, can be tailored to students specifically looking to prepare for a job interview. The CDP provides vocabulary and common language for answering challenging interview questions like, “Talk about a time when you managed a conflict effectively in the workplace” or, “Tell us something that has triggered you in the workplace and how you have managed this.”

Negotiation Skills:

What it is: Individual Conflict coaching services can focus on students specifically looking to improve communication and negotiation skills whether that’s voicing a complaint, making a request, rehearsing a pitch, or asking for more. For students who are currently employed or looking for a future job, having a one-on-one meeting with a conflict coach provides an opportunity to discuss their goals in negotiating, practice, and develop strategies in preparation for an upcoming negotiation.

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