The Non-Citizen’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

In today’s political climate, it can feel tough to plan your life as a noncitizen if you either don’t have legal status in the U.S. or are worried that you might lose your status. Specifically, you might think that your work options are limited, or you might not like the options you see. Either way, this Guide is here to help provide all non-citizens, regardless of status, with an idea of the possible work and entrepreneurial options available, including if:

● you do not currently have legal status in the U.S. because you came to the U.S. without a visa, overstayed a visa, or do not have legal status for another reason;

● you have DACA or TPS but are worried that you might lose that status; and/or

● you have an immigration status that gives you work authorization and does not restrict the type of work you can do in the U.S.

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