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Can I still get help with my resume, cover letter, and other career-related questions even though I’m not on campus?

Yes! The Career Center is still providing appointments and drop ins regularly–both virtually and in-person. Drop-in sessions are available

Fall Drop-In Hours 

Monday-Friday 10am-2pm

 To access in-person drop-ins, come by 120 LSC during drop-in hours; to access virtual drop-ins, visit and send a message through the chat feature at the bottom right of the page.

To schedule an appointment, visit Handshake, click “Career Center” and then “Appointments or use our chat feature on our website to speak with a Student Ambassador to get scheduled. 

I’m a graduating senior and/or alum. How long are these services available to me?

Forever! For up to one full year after you graduate, you can access all of the Career Center’s services, exactly how you would during your time as a student. This includes drop-ins, appointments, and all events. After one year, you can still access services click here for more information.

What events with employers are occurring this semester?

Get ready! The all-majors Virtual Career Fair is September 22nd and 23rd!  Meet with employers looking to hire CSU Rams!  For up-to-date information and to see who is coming, click here for day 1, here for day 2.


For a look at future events, please visit ourevents page.  Events are added on a rolling basis so be sure to check back regularly. 

I have a quick question, can I just email a career coach this semester?

Sure! If you have met with a career educator before, and want to follow up about a quick question, feel free to email them directly. If you haven’t met with a career educator before, please email us or click “chat with us” on our website during business hours and we will route you to a career educator. Keep in mind, however, that many topics (career exploration, job and internship searches, interviewing) often require a discussion. We recommend utilizing drop-ins and appointments for these types of questions.

Are there any campus jobs currently available or that I can do remotely?

 All campus job openings are posted on Handshake. After you login, just click “jobs” and then select the filter “on-campus.” You can also search for jobs that offer remote work by filtering for jobs labeled “ remote allowed”.  

Can I still do a mock interview?

Absolutely! To schedule a mock interview, visit Handshake just as you would to schedule an appointment. In your meeting notes, simply indicate that you would like to do a mock interview, and include some information about the position (or type of position) you would be interviewing for! You can also use our resource Big Interview, to practice interviewing.

What are some places I can get career advice online, 24/7?

Job and Internship Searching

I need to make money while taking classes from home, any ideas/suggestions on how to do that?

Doing remote may be a great option for you. Though certain jobs and industries will be impacted, there are many roles still needed or in even higher demand. Check out Additionally, utilize Handshake to find current openings and put “remote” as a key term for those opportunities. If you’re not looking for remote work, make sure to cross-reference this list of companies that self-reported their hiring status and consider checking with an HR recruiter at that organization before applying to ask about their hiring status. For more ideas based on your individual situation, meet with a career educator for a drop-in or appointment.

If I don't have an internship lined up yet, how can I search for opportunities now that I’m not on campus?

Employers who want to recruit CSU students and alumni post on Handshake, so always start your internship search with that site for postings, and check out for remote internships. Consider using about 3 websites for your search. You can also look at Google,, Indeed, or LinkedIn. Normal industry hiring timelines are currently affected, so expect delays as employers gather more information and/or move their hiring processes to virtual platforms. We are still offering internship search support through virtual drop-in’s and appointments

My employment offer was rescinded, what do I do?

Losing employment opportunities can be incredibly frustrating, exhausting, and scary, with serious implications to your immediate needs which can’t be taken lightly. Having an offer rescinded is often not your fault, and it may be good to know that rejection is difficult and will likely be more common as the economy is affected. With that in mind, as challenging as it may be, maintaining a relationship with an employer may be essential as they are managing uncertainty with hiring abilities and a shifting economy. By staying as positive and respectful as possible, and not sharing a negative perspective on social media, it will set you apart positively from other candidates when future opportunities may become available. Follow up with the employer by expressing your understanding, reiterate your interest, and ask if they anticipate future openings. If you don’t get a response, keep applying for internships and jobs until you have a position secured, looking at Handshake as a starting point.  Also, consider talking with CSU Student Legal Services to review your job contract to see if there may be any leniency.

My interview is a video interview. What advice do you have?

We have a fantastic virtual interview preparation resource: Big Interview. You can choose questions you want to practice responding to, record yourself answering them, and review it to improve. In general, it’s important to practice virtual interviews to test your internet connection strength, make sure you have a quiet and clean environment, and get accustomed to looking into the camera to improve eye contact instead of at yourself on the screen. Also, check out our interview preparation resources in the Online Resource Center,  use drop-ins to get some of your questions answered, or schedule a virtual mock interview appointment. 

Should I still go to my interview? I’m wondering If I might get sick?

We recommend following the guidelines of your state’s mandates during this time, ideally not going to an in-person interview, and if so, it could be beneficial to wear a mask. Communication with the employer is very important; you have every right to request a virtual or phone interview as an alternative, and you deserve to feel safe and comfortable. If you want to practice articulating this, come to a drop-in appointment for support. 

We are in hard financial times. Are any companies hiring? What’s changing?

All industries are impacted by COVID-19 in different ways. Although we cannot know the long-term ramifications or implications at this time, the future includes industries that may thrive or emerge as a result of this crisis. We encourage you to stay informed, like reviewing this self-reported list of companies’ hiring statuses before applying and talking with recruiters there to verify their timelines. The National Association of College and Employers (NACE) polled employers in spring 2020 to get a better scope of the industry trends and impact and you can find the survey results here 

Short & Long Term Career Planning

Due to the current job market, I am unsure of my summer plans. What are ways I can continue to build my skills, if I don’t obtain an internship this semester?

While internships provide an opportunity to explore a career field, as well as, develop professional skills, there are additional ways to learn about career paths and develop the skills and competencies employers value. You might consider engaging in remote work, remote research projects, and/or volunteer to name a few. In addition, consider taking a free online course to develop skills or knowledge needed to prepare you for a role or to work in a particular industry.

What can I do with my major after I graduate?

A few resources to help you discover potential job and career options that may interest you include What Can I Do With My Major, ONetOnline, and checking out the Career Paths resource on the Handshake homepage.

The first job you land after graduation may be based on current employment needs and may not match the industry or field of your dream job. That’s okay! In any position, you will learn transferable skills that can be applied to any job. We are here to help support you in identifying those skills and helping you use them to get the next job on the horizon. Also, the more experience you get, the better understanding you’ll have about yourself and what you want to do in a job. Remember, alumni can continue to use the Career Center up to one year from your graduation date and the Alumni Association Career Services beyond that timeline.

Is it worth trying to do informational interviews during this time?

The Coronavirus has temporarily disrupted daily life, from school to work to basic social interactions. During this time, we encourage you to reach out to potential CSU alumni connections: CSU alum on LinkedIn , be patient and follow up. You might also consider those in jobs/companies of interest who are not CSU alum as you broaden your network. As people begin to establish some type of routine in this “new normal,” having a conversation with you about their career path and their advice for yours could be a nice break for them and very informative for you. Here are some resources for making the most of informational interviews: Informational Interviewing.

I'm worried about my future. How do I plan for my career in the face of all this uncertainty?

While some uncertainty is a part of everyday life in the best of times, our current situation brings up even more uncertainty and anxiety. Since none of us have control over what will happen and how long this will last, it’s best to focus on the things you can control. For example, you can control your own preparation and behaviors while exploring various career paths. Decide on your overall goals for career exploration, and then keep your focus on your next steps, and next steps after that, and so on. Keep moving forward. Continue researching different career paths, talking with alumni about their work, searching online for summer or new grad opportunities, revising your resume, tailoring your cover letters, and practicing interviewing. Reach out to the Career Center for support. These actions will give you a greater sense of control and certainty in this uncertain time. Here are more tips for dealing with uncertainty: 9 Ways to Deal with Uncertainty

Additional Questions from Students

I am an international student. What do I need to be aware of to remain in good standing with my visa and my internship/job/career? What do I need to know about work authorization if I am outside of the U.S.?

Work authorization rules and processing remains status quo. For any updates or information, please be sure to visit the International Students and Scholars Services Resources website for FAQS focusing on how CoVid-19 impacts international students, or reach out to their advisors for answers to your personal visa-related questions.

I own a small business that is struggling, what are some resources to help me stay in business?

The Larimer Small Business Development Center is a resource for those in Larimer County and offers workshops and consultations for small business owners for a minimal fee and free resources. There are also financial relief funds and loans being made available to small businesses during this time including; The US Small Business Administration,  Go Fund Me Small Business Relief Initiative,etc. Be careful about scams! Here are a few websites that can help you identify scams Federal Communications Commission and the US Department of Justice.

I need support. What resources are available to me at CSU?

Mental Health Support Resources for Students – 


What are marketable skills that employers are looking for during COVID-19?

It makes sense that unique skills are needed to navigate workplaces during this stressful time with many transitions. Check out this article to learn about the Top 5 Skills employers may be looking for: