Institute for Entrepreneurship

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Learn how to make your business idea a reality! The Institute for Entrepreneurship at CSU provides free programming for all CSU students, faculty, staff, and Colorado community members.  These programs help you get your venture off the ground by looking at who your customer is, building a business model, building a prototype, understanding your competition, creating marketing and financial plans, and more! 

Pride Career Resources

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Check out this page to find relevant information about being queer and your career.  This page is a collaboration between CSU’s Pride Resource Center and Career Center and highlights career events for LGBTQIA* folks and showcases the Pride’s Guide to the Job Search and Employment booklet.  This page also provides information about career educators who […]

Chronically Capable-Flexible Jobs for the Chronically Ill

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Use this site to find employers who support those with chronic illness, get personalized job opportunities sent to you based on your needs, and join a community of chronically ill and disabled professionals navigating the job search.


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This comprehensive site is great for researching which states proactively protect equality for LGBTQ folx in the U.S.  Knowing this information can help with deciding where to live and work.

Northern Colorado Writers

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Are you a writer living in Northern Colorado?  Check out Northern Colorado Writers, a group designed to provide support for writers of all levels through meetings, classes, conferences, networking, and social events. 

Journalism Jobs

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Check out this job board specializing in media jobs to find exciting work in journalism.  

Music Job Board

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Find the role you’ve been looking for in the music industry through this job board!

Music Therapy Career Guide


Check out this website to learn about a career in music therapy.  It covers what music therapy is and explains the type of education needed for this career. 

Data Science Guide

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Learn about the fundamentals of data science through this website.  This site covers what data science is, what data scientists do, and how to pursue data science as a career path.