Virtual Career Conference Resources

Virtual Career Conference: An Exchange of Tools, Education and Employer Connections April 21-23 and 28-30 Click here for more information.

Virtual Career Conference Resources

View resources and recorded sessions from the first-ever Virtual Career Conference.

We also invite you to visit our Resource Center for more career resources and learning.

Career Preparation Resources

“Improve Your Application Materials”-Connect with a Career Coach to talk about best practices for resumes and cover letters when applying to new jobs or internships!

“Networking from a Distance”- Networking, or making connections, is an important skill and can benefit you greatly in your job search process (and throughout your career!) Chat with two Career Coaches to find out how you can continue connecting with folks and honing your networking skills in a virtual environment.

“Interviewing from a Distance” – As more and more interviews are being conducted remotely, chat with a Career Coach to learn the best tips and tricks for acing your virtual interview!


Career Learning Resources

“What can I do with this major?  Non-linear paths and Alumni perspectives”- Hear from an array of alumni who explored a VARIETY of career paths with their majors, and graduated during a less ideal US economy.


“Resilience in Uncertain Times” – Learn strategies to cope with and respond to challenging situations, with a focus on facing rejection and uncertainty during the job search.


“Job Search Strategies for Our Current Times” – Learn what has changed and what has not changed in the job search process for our current situation, and what you can do to meet your short-term survival needs as well as how to prep effectively to reach your long-term goals.


“When and IF to Attend Graduate School” – Talk with a career coach about factors to consider for if and WHEN it’s best to attend graduate school!


“Let’s Talk about MONEY” – Financial Advice from Canvas – Talk with Canvas Credit Union’s Director of Financial Education for some real talk about how to navigate financial unexpectancies, the value of a budget system, and how to create one in order to save!


“Perspectives for Graduating Class of 2020” – Are you graduating this May? Check in and celebrate with 4 CSU Career Services professionals about this transition; including industry impact, emotional management, and resources to support you!


“International Job Searching” – Talk with a career coach to clarify your interests and resources for finding international job opportunities.

Employer Connect Sessions

Tuesday, April 28


Wednesday, April 29


Thursday, April 30