Faculty & Staff

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Our office serves faculty and staff at CSU by pairing up on career related offerings in the classroom.  To request a presentation click here.  The Career Education staff are highly trained in enhancing student engagement and retention through curriculum developed for students from their first interactions on campus to their final preparations and negotiations in the job market.  Our office offers some of the most innovative career initiatives in the country with online training modules in career competencies, Industry tours, a mock interview program, and employer engagement in the classroom.

In developmental courses and workshops, we offer students the opportunity to:

  • Explore the connection between majors and careers
  • Understand their traits and how to develop and strengthen their skills
  • Enhance and utilize planned happenstance

We aim to enrich and enhance students’ learning through applied knowledge in more advanced coursework with these options:

  • Employer insight in the interviewing process and other industry knowledge
  • Mock interview coaching and software
  • Teaching students to self-identify employers and develop alumni interactions and contacts
  • Provide examples of alumni with similar majors and where they work