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Attire Fund

This fund will empower students to select attire that makes them feel confident and comfortable for their interview or workplace. Funds are generated through external revenue sources and the amount given out varies from year to year. Awards given are up to $250 for attire.

Equity Initiatives Fund

To challenge the way racism shows up in the pursuit of careers, the Career Center has committed to allocating a portion of our self-generated revenue annually to support equity-based career initiatives. Students can apply for up to $1000 annually (for student groups this would be applied to a per student basis). The mission of the Equity Initiatives Fund is to promote Black and/or African American empowerment in identifying and creating career-related opportunities.

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Unpaid/Underpaid Internship Support

We are saddened to announce the Unpaid/Underpaid Internship Support Program is no longer available.

Ontiveros Inclusive Fellowship Program

Inclusive Fellowships are short-term opportunities (from a few months to a few years) that prioritize the education and professional development of the Fellow. These “Inclusive Fellowships ” are inclusive because they are available to all students, regardless of citizenship status. An Inclusive Fellowship does not require the recipient to perform a past, present, or future service for payment and is not considered employment; therefore, not requiring work authorization. These experiences directly benefit fellows’ educational and professional development; are entrepreneurial in nature as fellows have the opportunity to develop and lead independent work, reflect on their learning, establish their own priorities and deadlines, and identify the connections between what they are learning in the classroom and the world of work. An Inclusive Fellowship also removes other barriers that students may encounter when pursuing more traditional work and internship opportunities. For example, a non-traditional student working a full-time job that limits their availability, a student with a disability that cannot access an opportunity because of a lack of an accommodation, or an undocumented student without work authorization could also benefit. Ultimately, these opportunities provide fellows with meaningful professional experience, skill development for life after college, and access to professional networks.

Mary Ontiveros