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Brett L., '13

"Creating connections is the most important part in searching for a job - showing your skills and creating relationships through internships is always a good start. "

Kaitlin H., '14

"Understanding what you value in a future job, will make navigating your job search a lot easier."

Hailey M., '14

"Preparing for a job search begins before attending a career fair, because career fairs are only as successful as you make them. "

Bradley R., '14

"Constantly work to improve yourself and your resume. "

Nicolette R., '14

"I have learned that it is really important to gain as much experience as you can through internships and student organizations."

Matthew A., '13

"Plan ahead! Start early and push hard to get the job you want."

Steve K., '14

"Reach out to employees and team members within that company to see if it is the right fit."

  • Brett L
  • Kaitlin H
  • Hailey M
  • Bradley  R
  • Nicolette R
  • Matthew A
  • Steve K

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