Attire Fund Information

Application will be available in the Fall

The Attire Fund, offered through the CSU Career Center, provides monetary funding of up to $250 to selected students to purchase professional clothing for upcoming interviews, job searches, internships, or fieldwork.


The purpose of this fund is to empower students to select attire that makes them feel confident and comfortable for their interview or workplace. We acknowledge that there are often professional standards about attire in the workplace that are not always fair or equitable. Access to attire can be financially demanding on people job searching and attire standards can impact a candidate’s confidence, comfort, and ability to show up as an authentic version of themselves.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled CSU student
  • In Good Academic Standing
    • (2.0 GPA for undergraduates, 3.0 GPA for graduate students)
  • Demonstrate financial in essay questions and financial Aid eligibility
    • We review financial aid packages for eligibility   

Application Deadlines and Award Notifications

We accept applications all year until April 15th, 2023. The selection committee reviews applications on an ongoing basis, and we notify students between 4-6 weeks after you apply.

Award Details

We reward up to $250 per student. The award amount will be determined by financial aid eligibility, financial need, the application pool, and our budget.

Before making any final awards decisions, we run our prospective list through the Office of Financial Aid or Human Resources Payroll to check for significant issues. Awards are disbursed directly to your student account as part of your financial aid package or if you are a current student employee, will be sent to you by direct deposit.

We notify students between 4-6 weeks after application submission.

Please know that your award may be taxable.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to hear back from us within four to six weeks. Before making any final awards decisions, we run our prospective list by the Office of Financial Aid  or Human Resources Payroll to check for significant issues. 

You can apply once per academic year and the maximum a student will receive the award is once.

Notes about the Fund

Awards may be fully funded, partially funded, or denied funding.

Please note, these funds could impact your financial aid package. Please check with the Office of Financial Aid, so you understand the impact, before you accept the funds. Here’s how to connect: