What We Do – Career Exploration

Career Exploration

I don’t know what I want to do after CSU.

How do different majors relate to one’s career options?

How can I explore different career options?

Through exploring resources, attending Career Center events, and/or visiting with a Career Educator or Specialist, you will start to imagine career options and develop strategies for career exploration.

We cover:

  • Major exploration
  • Career exploration
  • Personal values’ relationship to career choice
  • Assessments and interpretation
  • And more!

Career Exploration Resources

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Career Exploration Resources

Check out the Career Exploration resources in our online Resource Center to further explore careers.

What Can I Do With This Major

Major Exploration

This resource breaks down potential careers based on majors and provides recommendations for ways to get involved in college.

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Career Advising

Want to drop in to meet with someone or schedule a time for career exploration? Connect with us!