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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Financial Aid can help you with work study awards and pay rates

Work study is a part-job opportunity. You are not paid to study; rather, you use your earnings to
pay for college related expenses There are two types of employment for students: Work-Study & Student Hourly.

  • Work Study: financial aid awarded via the FAFSA or the Request Work-Study Application; types include “need-based” and “no-need” work-study. Part of a student’s wages earned through a work-study position are supplemented by state, federal or institutional funds.
  • Student Hourly: campus hourly positions are available throughout campus and do not require a work-study award.

A typical work study award is $4000, but it can vary based on your financial aid package. This limit
is enough for a work-study employee earning $12.00 per hour to average around 10 hours a week
throughout the school year.

Campus Employers check out our step-by-step guide to recruiting & hiring student employees.   Find detailed work study information on OFA’s website.

The 2022-23 work study application opened on May 2, 2022.  Students can apply for work study through RAMweb.

If I don’t have work study funding, can I apply for a campus employment position?

Work study funds are subsidized by the federal or state government or by CSU. 70% of your wages are paid by work-study funds and 30% are paid by your employer.

No, the wages get paid directly to you to pay various education-related expenses.

You can only earn half of your work-study award during the fall semester.

Students can work during fall and spring break.  Students can work during the semester break, as long as they have not hit the 50% limit.

  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid to see if your work-study limit can be increased. These funds do run out, and not all students will qualify.
  • Your department has the option of letting your work as an hourly employee. Your department would be responsible for 100% of your wages, so not all departments are able to do this option.
The Career Center can help students and campus employers with student employee development practices

The ELEVATE Supervisor Certificate is a program offered by the Career Center.  Live trainings are offered for CSU career staff who supervise student employees on campus.  Click here to learn about how to earn you certificate.

The ELEVATE Supervisor Certificate (offered by the Career Center) focuses on student employee development.  The trainings are tailored to career staff that supervise student employees.

Click here to learn more about the ELEVATE Supervisor Certificate.

We currently do not offer trainings for student employees.  However, we are working to create ELEVATE Career Development Workshops for student employees.  These workshops will be open to student employees and campus employers (supervisors).

Human Resources can help you with background checks and new hire paperwork