What We Do – Salary & Negotiation

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Other than salary, what is negotiable?

How do I navigate the power dynamic in negotiating with an employer?

An employer asked me how much I want to make, how do I answer this question?

You got a job offer! Congratulations! Now it’s time to negotiate with the employer for things important to you. From salary to start date, we can provide you information about negotiation strategies, practice negotiating, and support you through the process.

We cover:

  • Salary negotiation strategies
  • Things that are negotiable
  • Talking through power dynamics of negotiation
  • Negotiating a raise or change in position
  • And more!

Negotiation Resources

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Negotiation Resources

Our online Resource Center has support for finding average salaries in your field, determining cost of living, different types of negotiation strategies and more.

Mock Interview

Negotiation Guide

Our negotiation guide takes your through the different stages of negotiation.

The Creative Exchange

Career Advising

Want to drop in to meet with someone or schedule a time to practice negotiating? Connect with us!