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  • Student Employee of the Year - Campus Nomination Process

  • Supervisors may nominate student employees whom they feel warrant particular recognition for their performance on the job. The Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Recognition Program begins at the institutional level and moves on to regional, and, in some cases, national recognition. Each year, your region looks to supervisors at colleges across the region to nominate student employees who they feel are especially worthy of recognition based on their performance on the job.

    Please complete and submit the following form. Nominations will be judged on the following characteristics: reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and the uniqueness of the student's contribution to the employer.

    Attributes -- Provide an example that demonstrates the nominees' greatest attributes and how these attributes enhance their contributions to the position.
    Expectations -- Provide an example of how the nominee goes above and beyond the expectations listed in their job description
    Leadership/Style -- Leadership - Provide an example of how the nominee's leadership skills, initiative or style helped to improve how your office functions. Style - Describe the quality of the nominee's work style and how their style of work is well suited for your department
    Impact - Provide an example of the positive impact the nominee has had to your department, campus or community.

    In order to be eligible for consideration, student employees must have worked a minimum of 6 months part-time (or three months full-time), during the selection period which is from June in the prior year through May of the current year.

    Nominees are not restricted to student employed through the Federal Work-Study Program. All student employees are eligible for consideration

    Please note that additional materials will not be considered

    The information you provide may be shared with the public through press releases and other promotional opportunities.