Emily Headshot

Emily C., '18

Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Health

Safety Associate

Walt Disney World

Tell us about your internships...

My first internship was at the Tanana Chiefs Conference Office of Environmental Health, where I created educational materials and presented to well-respected elders from an Athabascan communities in the remote tundra of Alaska about bed bugs, a culturally “taboo topic” that was plaguing the communities. The following summer, as a safety intern at the City of Fort Collins Safety, Security and Risk Management department, I walked construction, police, parks and recreation and many other worksites to identify safety concerns and design short or long term corrective actions.

How did you land your job at EPCOT?

After graduation I joined the EPCOT Safety Team at Walt Disney World as a safety intern, to increase safety, efficiency and productivity at the happiest place on Earth. During my internship I was offered a full time role as a Safety Associate supporting resort construction project safety where I get to continue to keep guests, Cast Members and contractors safe.