Sydney Davis

Sydney Davis

Tell us about your experience in your internship:

I learned so much through working with intakes for an in-patient rehabilitation program. I learned about the realities of addiction's influence over (and how it is influenced by) medical, psychological, legal, and life circumstances. I talked to many people on the phone interested in joining the program which was impactful to witness the amount of lives in need. I got to be participants first point of contact and see their development over time at Harvest Farm. I got to know the people in the program really well and it was inspiring to see people so willing to improve themselves and their lives.

How did you land your internship?

I found it online and knew of the Fort Collins Rescue Mission. I began to look more into it and became really interested. I applied for it, did interviews, and got accepted.

What advice do you have for other Rams?

Actively seek out opportunities. Ask those around you and do research in order to know what's available to you.