Career Impact Awards


The Career Impact Awards were established in 2018 in order to recognize and celebrate the many career partners and career advocates across our campus and community. This event was created because we recognize that having career infused into all aspects of the student experience correlates to overall student success during and after college.  It takes great collaboration on and off campus to help shape post graduate success stories for all students who come from diverse backgrounds, identities, and dreams. Through this event, we wanted to raise awareness around the importance of the ‘career work’ that we all do with students and alumni and recognize the efforts and contributions of those who advocate career for all.

This event also serves as a space to recognize our dedicated Student Employee staff members who serve on campus working to further the goals of the institution and to support university operations.

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Career impact Awards review process underway for the 2022-2023 Year

This year we are only accepting nominations for the Student Employee of the Year category. Our team is currently reviewing and reconsidering the design of the Career Impact Award process. Check back in for more information in Fall of 2023.

2021 Award Winners


Student Employee of the Year Winner

Bailey Dinsdale
ASCSU Student Employee

“In her role at ASCSU, Bailey focuses on collaborating with her co-workers and fellow students on communication and problem solving together to find compromises to ensure that work is completed with the best interests of students and the university in mind.”

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Student Employee of the Year Runner-Up

Brooke Stieduhar
Administrative Assistant within the Mechanical Engineering Department

“Brooke consistently exceeds expectation, demonstrates good judgement, and has great interpersonal skills that are well beyond her age and years of education.”

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Career Impact Award Winner

Dr. Margarita Lenk
Associate Professor – College of Business

“Margarita believes in a world where each person can freely contribute their work, ideas, and perspectives with equal respect, interest, and opportunity. She works tirelessly to help students explore their career and provide professional growth.”


Career Impact Award Winner

Dr. Christie Mayo
Associate Professor – College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science

“As a mentor, she embodies the most fundamental values of transparency, trust, vulnerability, enthusiasm and selfless commitment to impacting not only the careers of students, but also of her faculty peers, staff and leadership.”

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Career Impact Award Winner

Dr. Kristina Quynn
Assistant Professor – Graduate School & Director of CSU Writes

“Under Dr. Quynn’s inclusive “guidelines for interaction,” I received dissertation guidance, career writing skills & strategies and a safe atmosphere where anxiety found productivity, support, & camaraderie despite our group’s differences.”

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Career Impact Award Winner

Chris Schmidt
Managing Partner – Colorado Marketplace at Deloitte

“We often hear the phrase ‘Rams take care of Rams.’ It is nice to know, that even as alums move into prominent positions at one of the largest professional services organizations, alumni like Chris Schmidt make it a point to do what they can, to help our current Rams succeed.”

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Career Impact Award Winner

Dr. Cori Wong
Assistant Vice President for Diversity

“Cori supported me at a time when no one was around to do so. She held my hand through times when I had self-doubt. She made time for me despite her busy schedule. I would not be where I am today without Cori.”

2021 Nominees

Student Employee of the Year Nominees

  • Adam Sharrah
  • Anna Bugosh
  • Bailey Dinsdale
  • Ben Krueger
  • Brandon Lowry
  • Brenna Sydow
  • Brian Dusek
  • Brooke Stieduhar
  • Carolina Orozco
  • Casey Forest
  • Delaney Morrow
  • Emmalyne Axtell
  • Isha Agarwal
  • Ivy Smirl
  • Jacob Maddux Powell
  • Jazmin Gonzalez
  • Kylie Larson
  • Kyrie Craft
  • Lisa Natasha Nyangao
  • Litzy Duque
  • Riley Fischer
  • Savannah Babish
  • Tad Trimarco

Career Impact Award Nominees

  • Allie Stauss
  • Anna Fontana
  • Bert Vermeulen
  • Carol Engel-Enright
  • Cassidy McClaren
  • Chris Schmidt
  • Dr. Arnold Robinson
  • Dr. Christie Mayo
  • Dr. Cori Wong
  • Dr. Ifigenia (Gina) Geornaras
  • Dr. Kristina Quynn
  • Dr. Margarita Lenk
  • Dr. Rickey Frierson
  • Edward Barbier
  • Elizabeth Morgan
  • Erin Reichert
  • Hannah Ewing
  • Jazmin Murguia
  • Jennifer Brady
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Jeremiah Easley
  • Justin Sambur
  • Karen Dobos
  • Kat Ernst
  • Kristy Millsapps
  • Lisa Hackard
  • Monica Thrasher
  • Sam Desta
  • Seth Thomas Davis
  • BUS 300 Instructors – Theresa Wernimont,
  • Jenny Morse, Lori Adair, Robert Anderson

For a list of previous Career Impact Award winners please visit: