Quick Tips


Connect with Professionals to Land a Great Job or Internship!

Step 1: Identify Professionals in Your Field
Ask all relatives, friends, parents of friends, neighbors, members of social, civic or professional organizations in which you participate, current supervisors, professors, co-workers, guest lecturers, etc. if they know someone working in your field who might be willing to chat with you.
Industry Tours and Connect Events offered by the Career Center are a great way to meet professionals who you can speak with further.
Step 2: Call Professionals and Request Meeting(s)
Introduce yourself including your name, major, how you got their name. Ask if they would be willing to allow you to visit them in their office for 30 minutes so you could learn more about the field and get advice on finding jobs and/or internships in the industry.
Step 3: Develop a List of Questions for the Meeting
Identify 5-10 questions that will solicit information useful to you. Click here for a list of sample questions. Research the individual and the organization, then tailor your questions to what you have learned.
Step 4: Conduct Interviews
Dress and conduct yourself professionally by being on time and being prepared with your questions.
Never ask for a job or a job interview. You can ask: "If I were to apply for a job with this organization, how would I go about doing it?" "What are good organizations in this field?" or "Is there someone else in this organization you might refer me to for an additional informational interview?"
If you are serious about the organization and the field of your contact person, you may want to bring a polished resume to the interview. Consider asking the professional to review your resume and offer you feedback. If you need help with a resume, consider the CSU Career Center.
Step 5: Follow-Up
Always send a thank you note and stay in touch. Ask follow up questions later and keep them posted on how things are going through brief email updates!
To get more tips on meeting with professionals, check out this great article.