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    The Career Center is committed to providing safe, legitimate connections between employers and students. We have a number of polices in place governing employer interactions when they engage through CSU Career Services. Unfortunately, employers sometimes violate these policies or circumvent our processes without our knowledge. Additionally, there are a large number of employers that connect with CSU students outside of formal campus career services avenues.

    Whether you are employed on-campus of off-campus, if you feel you have encountered an employer that has violated CSU Career Services recruitment eligibilityor recruiting guidelines, which includes our Principles of Community, please let us know by either submitting a report below or calling our office at 970-491-5707, requesting to speak with an Employer Connections Team Member. Please note, if you've encountered this employer outside of CSU services and systems, there may be limited recourse that can be taken; however we are committed to providing assistance in whatever ways we can.

  • *While optional, we highly encourage you to provide your name and contact information to enable to us follow-up with you to obtain specific details and address your concerns. Your information will remain confidential except as required by law (as defined by Federal, State laws, CSU policies pertaining to student health and safety).
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