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There are many ways you can go about looking up if an organization has sponsored an H1B visa in the past 5 years. One example being GoinGlobal, which you can access through our website here. Perhaps an easier option is to add an extension to your browser. If you are using Google Chrome, there are several extensions you can add.

To add an extension that can show you on Glassdoor and LinkedIn if a company of a job positing has sponsored in the past few years, go to your Google Chrome browser, then Google Chrome Store and Search for “H1B”, you will find a couple of options. The one below is called “Ultimate H1B Sponsor Checker.” If you are interested in adding this one specifically, click here. Once you add an extension, it will automatically show up, see below for examples.

an example of what this extension looks like on Glassdoor and LInkedIn

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