Greg Hansen

Greg Hansen

Tell us about your experience in your internship:

My first internship with Grace Community Church started back in October of 2020. My main focus for the first part of the internship was on running and further developing their audio teams. I developed an audio training curriculum to train new and existing volunteers for running front-of-house and broadcast sound during Sunday morning services. I held an audio training workshop for the church’s four campuses to attend. On Wednesday nights, I would lead and train the audio volunteers through rehearsal. On Sunday mornings, I would lead the main campus’s audio team through service execution. My second internship continued the audio teams work I began during the first internship and added on lighting programming duties and a few video opportunities to become more well-rounded in church production.

How did you land your internship?

Before I started the LEAP graduate program, I was actually searching for a production residency with a church. Grace Community Church was the church I attended in my hometown before I moved away for college. I was unable to find a residency in the area I currently lived in and learned that one may be opening up with Grace at a later date. I volunteered with Grace Community Church often, even when I moved away, running sound for broadcast and front-of-house during services. However, the church could only offer an internship at that time. I decided to accept the internship and sought out a graduate program to accompany it to gain the most out of my experience as well as to further develop my skills and broaden my career opportunities.

What advice do you have for other Rams?

I have learned that the Lord has plans for you and they may not be the plans you set out for yourself. Challenges and setbacks are not always what they may seem. Sometimes they are paths for better things to come and are blessings in disguise.