Savannah Lorraine Regensburger

Savannah R.

Tell us about your experience at CSU

I have had to overcome multiple obstacles throughout my four years of undergrad. Through traumatic brain injuries, struggling to get back into school, trying to accomplish good grades, and trying to have a social life, I was able to reach my goal and got accepted into my dream grad school program.

What advice do you want to give other Rams?

I am honored to have been a CSU graduate, however the journey was not easy. CSU has so many opportunities and offices that I was unaware of and that I wish I would have taken more advantage of.

Tell us about your success

I worked hard in all of my classes and was accepted into a research lab my sophomore year, but my accomplishments came from persistence and determination. I will now continue on my education in a Masters of Science Program at The University of California, Irvine in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology where I plan to pursue a medical degree afterwards. I hope that students take advantage of the support that CSU provides, and I will always be a RAM at heart!